Saturday, December 04, 2010


Well, the snow hasn't gone but it's on the way. There are still big piles of snow where we dug out the drive this week and the field is still about calf deep where it hasn't been trodden down. It's a bit icy and treacherous in places on the path through the woods and I felt a bit unsteady when Barney was tugging me on the lead.

Today has been mostly OU work. I gave my TMA a final read through and made one or two tweaks before submishing it at lunch time. I've made the decision to start the T215 course in January too - they've changed the structure of the IT and Computing degree track and there are actually a lot more options on it now, including modules on artificial intelligence and digital media technologies which look to be right up my geeky street.

My legs were feeling very wobbly by mid afternoon (I'd done a bit more snow clearing in the morning) so I had to have a lie down before taking the dog out for the second walk of the day. This week has been very tiring, despite not having left the house since last Monday.

Last night's Rock Band session was another epic. Our band - Pig Orange Gray - are now arena rockers with our own jet, and as I was about to say on my Audioboo yesterday before the time ran out we have played arena gigs from Berlin to Tijuana. I did hit my first stumbling block with the main guitar riff on 'Vasoline' proving surprisingly tricky. The bit the catches me out is a long alternating sequence of notes and hammer-ons that I just can't seem to get the right tempo for - it's the bit about thirty seconds into the song and repeated a couple of times. (Warning - the video contains graphic scenes of clowns and men wearing Lederhosen.)

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