Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Jack

Day two of the hols, and even though I woke up at my usual time of six o'clock I was able to go back to bed for another much needed hour or so. I pottered round the house for a bit, did some washing and took the dog for a walk before enjoying some marmalade on toast as a late breakfast/early lunch (marmalade for lunch?!?!?).

After that, it was on with some more work on my TMA questions. I think I've got the first one nailed down, with some good examples of code factorization in my answer. I was slightly miffed to find that BlueJ (the development environment I am using) had stopped working properly on my Macbook for some reason - it doesn't seem to be initializing the java virtual machine even though it says it has. I suspect that it's down to a java update or something, but I'll have to have a trawl through the faqs to see if it's a common issue. I still have the choice of running my work on Ubuntu or Windows though, via a shared dropbox folder.

Work done and the dog walked again, and we all settled down for an annual rewatch of 'The Apartment' with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine - a festive tale of adultery, blackmail and attempted suicide. I'd forgotten how fantastic the cinematography is with some stunningly framed shots of iconic 1960s style offices. It's interesting to compare and contrast with 'Mad Men' for period detail.


Nancy said...

I've never seen The Apartment, although Jack Lemon (Lemmon?) has always been a big favorite around here. Will have to check that out.

neil h said...

Good spot on the typo! I think it is one of Jack Lemmon's best movies all round, and perfect as an antidote to Christmas schmaltz. I would certainly recommend it!