Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ghost town

We were treated to a spot of sunshine this morning which served nicely to take the edge off of the sub zero temperatures outside, but by lunchtime it had clouded over into a gray coldness that was like being on the inside of a refrigerator. It was still cold enough to mandate the use of my woolly hat when we went for a mooch around town for a couple of hours this afternoon.

Town was busy-ish, but not packed as you might have expected on the last shopping weekend before xmas. I was even able to get a seat on one of the leather arm chairs in Waterstones to rest my weary bones for a bit before we went to get a Subway and return home. I felt absolutely wiped out and had to go and lie down for a bit to recover. I'm hoping it's just the low point of the year and things will pick up as the days get longer and I've had the benefit of a two week rest.

In OU news, I've had a read through of the TMA and it is all fairly straight forward coding questions which should be easily completable next week. I can then have a bit of a break with a clear conscience before cracking on with the rest of the course in January.


Nancy said...

Is your Subway the same as my Subway, the sub sandwich chain? I love that place.

neil h said...

Yes - it's the same sort of thing as the American one. It's the only fast food place that I ever go to, mainly because it is fast and reasonably healthy if you go for the veggie options.