Friday, December 31, 2010

Game of the Year

2010 was the year that iPhone gaming rocked my metaphorical world. I've probably spent more time on that device than any other, mostly on Words with Friends and Carcassonne, both of which made excellent use of the internet capabilities to provide a polished game played against real people. Pocket Frogs was another highly addictive experience that benefited from being able to trade frogs with friend. Other games like Ravensword and Infinity Blade showed off the possibilities of complex 3D graphics and open world game play.

However my two contenders for game of the year are both on the Xbox.

Red Dead Redemption was a superbly constructed game that pulled in just about everything that you could ever want to do in a Western, in much the same way that Larry McMurtry's 'Lonesome Dove' paid homage to all of the familiar tropes of the genre. The multi-player wasn't quite so polished as the single player experience, but one definite highlight was the co-op mission pack with a cattle drive through a canyon, across the open scrub land and into town, whilst fending off an attack from cattle rustlers. Superb.

The top spot has to go to Rock Band 3. I have enjoyed music games since Guitar Hero back on the PS/2, and this is the evolution of the genre into something that is very nearly perfect. There is a huge library of music available to download, numerous options for customising your avatar and band, a variety of challenges and of course the sheer visceral thrill of strapping on a plastic guitar and rocking out to 'Highway Star'. Worth every penny.


gospvg said...

I really need to play RDR but agree with you on the iOS devices, easily my most used handheld gaming device so good that the kids got rid of their DS & PSP's during the year to get an ipod touch.

neil h said...

RDR is well worth playing through in full. I'd like to play more of the multi-player as well at some point - have you got the multi-player poker and horse racing expansion on your Undead Nightmare disc?

gospvg said...

I don't have the undead nightmare disc I went with the xbox downloaded dlc in the recent sale. I have not got RDR at the moment, ordered another copy so should be here soon to play some multiplayer :)