Saturday, December 18, 2010

Counting Out Time

It wasn't quite as cold as had been forecast, but minus four was still plenty cold enough in my books when I went out with the dog this morning. We seem to escaped the worst of the snow this time, with the west seemingly taking the brunt of it.

After several days of not doing much in the way of OU work, I hit the books today and finished off the last bit of Unit 7 with some stuff on class methods and variables which brings my level of Java knowledge up to the point where I can start to some useful things with it. I'm planning on getting my next TMA done before Xmas and then moving on to block 3 work which will put me about six weeks ahead of schedule.

In games news, not a huge amount played other than my regular games of Carcassonne and WwF, and some more time on Infinity Blade. I've not managed to kill the God King yet, but I will keep trying ... :-)

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