Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Wrapping

Well, that's another Christmas done and dusted, and a jolly fine one it was too. As is traditional, Barney the dog opened his present first to find his equally traditional and perfectly hee-yuge bone. He immediately took it out into the garden to try and bury it, and was thwarted by the rock hard permafrost that is what passes for our flower beds nowadays.

Everybody else got just what they had been wishing for, including games and books for Jamie and me, a new set of black and gold dice and a shopping voucher for Alicia, Muji ear muffs and notebooks for Jan, and unfeasibly large amounts of chocolate all round. Yum.

Lunch was cooked by Jan, and was of course perfectly traditional and perfectly perfect leaving me stuffed to the gills and only barely capable of making it round the woods with the dog before retiring upstairs for a restorative snoozle.

Back down for a cup of tea and the Doctor Who Xmas episode, which managed to be an original take on a Christmas Carol which I am not ashamed to say brought a tear to my eye by the end. The trailer for the next series looked rather spiffing too, and I am currently downloading the final episode of the Doctor Who adventure game.

That's about it, I reckon ... I hope all of your celebrations have been equally relaxing and satisfying as ours!

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Nancy said...

Glad to hear you had a good Christmas. Barney looks pleased.