Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blue Calx

It's Saturday night and I'm home alone (Jan and Jamie are out a gig), so I'm currently chilling out to one of my favourite cds - Aphex Twin 1994:Selected Ambient Works. It's another album that really benefits from the bass playing through the sub-woofer. Aces.

Today didn't get off to a brilliant start. The cat flap was locked overnight, so we had an unfortunate incident in the scullery. Suffice it to say that it took a bit of cleaning up and we needed to buy a new doormat this morning.

In games news, you might remember the tech demo 'Unreal Citadel' that I blogged about a while ago. Well, the first game that uses the tech has arrived and it is mightily impressive. It's called 'Infinity Blade' and is a fairly linear rpg with a surprisingly deep combat system that works very nicely with the touch screen controls on the iPhone. In a nutshell, you fight a series of increasingly difficult battles by dodging, blocking and parrying incoming attacks and then responding by swiping the direction of your riposte. The graphics are simply superb with character models being full of detail - the opening scene looks like a pre-rendered video but when you are dropped into the first fight you realise that this is the game engine. An absolute must buy.

The next order of business was a trip to Barnsley to pick up my new specs. We followed the signs to the free park and ride, parked and then rode the bus into town. Very handy. There were lots of police gearing up in readiness for the afternoon's football match and I felt physically sick when I realised that a stall festooned with flags in the middle of the shopping arcade was not part of the Christmas market but was actually the BNP handing out leaflets. Nazi bastards.

Anyhoo, the new glasses were collected and I spent a penny in the horribly dilapidated Victorian public toilets in Barnsley centre.

Home for a dog walk catching up on Audioboos and then a nap before dropping Jan off at the Student Union to meet up with Jamie and his pals. I've got used to my new specs now and I'll take a picture of them with photobooth ...

... there you go!


Leatherdykeuk said...

spiffing specs, dear chap!

Lois (three-legged-cat) said...

I'm rather taken with the phrase "an unfortunate incident in the scullery". Sounds like the title of an Agatha Christie novel.