Thursday, December 30, 2010

All Night Garage

The weather was foggy again, although not as pea-souperish as yesterday. Another typical holiday day, with the usual mix of activities. I managed to get through a Guardian Tech Weekly and four audio-boos worth of ironing first of all, and I just about got down to the Jurassic layer of the pile. After that, a walk in a very muddy wood followed by a couple of hours of OU work, finishing off the question on overriding methods in subclasses with quite an elegant bit of coding, if I say so myself.

I was tempted into town with the promise of a German sausage at the Christmas fair, which is still running outside the town hall. I mooched around the shops for a bit, but there's nothing that I wanted to buy so I ended up in one of the leather armchairs (not high backed, I hasten to add) in Waterstone's playing Disc Drivin' and Words with Friends with friends in three different continents.

Back home for a snooze, a gingerbread latte and a bit more time in Fable III which is really rather enjoyable. I am currently just pottering around doing quests for villagers and hunting down an infestation of evil gnomes (it's a long story), rather than doing the main plot, but I think this is a game worth savouring rather than rushing to the denouement.

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