Saturday, November 27, 2010

Echo of Frozen Faces

Well, I was wrong about the snow. There was enough of a fall overnight to turn the world white and leave the cats looking suspiciously out of the cat flap. The dog was his usual excited self and could wait to bury his head in the nearest snowdrift for the sheer joy of it.

The walk in the woods was bracing to say the least, and the zip on my winter coat finally gave up the ghost after ten years of sterling service. Rats.

My agenda for the day included a trip to Barnsley to go to the opticians for an eye test. I'd noticed that my eyes had been getting worse recently, particularly my right eye, and the test confirmed my suspicions that I need a new pair of specs. I had been dreading the cost because my last pair had come in at £275 but fortunately I found a pair of frames that suited me and the lenses that I needed had come down in price so the total came to a much more reasonable £145. Phew. We also managed to find a new coat for me for £40 in TK Max which should keep me warm enough when we go out.

A successful shopping trip was rounded off with a mooch around the German Christmas market in Barnsley center with an al fresco lunch of an enormous Bratwurst to ward off the winter chill. Om nom nom.

The day was enlivened somewhat with an encounter with a pair of Mormons (I said Mormons!) who were slightly upset when I asked them about Joseph Smith's magic spectacles given to him by the angel Moroni and the golden bible that nobody else was allowed to see. I wasn't quite so cruel as to press them on the subject of the magic underpants, mainly because I imagine that they would have been quite useful on such a chilly day.

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