Sunday, November 21, 2010

Black Cherry

Back to good old fashioned text based blogging today, although I think I will be posting more Audioboos as the fancy strikes me. Will is already putting me to shame with two in one day now!

Well, a gray day, a lie in and another run through of adventure mode on Plants vs Zombies. I was thinking about buying it for my Macbook but it looks to be $20 on the Popcap site which is a bit of a step up from a 59p impulse purchase on the app store. I also think I would miss the touch screen controls which make playing it on the iPhone a tactile pleasure. Maybe I'll wait till PvZ 2, whenever that comes out.

In other games news, as mentioned yesterday I played a fair bit of COD:BLOPS until Jamie came back from his usual Saturday afternoon manking and ripped the disc from my cold, dead hands. While the game is visually stunning with great attention to detail, particularly in a section set in the Pentagon briefing room, it is frustratingly linear.

At no time are you left in any doubt of where you should be going or what you should be doing - in the couple of hours I played I always had an AI character to follow with a handy yellow pointer in case I got lost, and enemies always behaved in completely predictable ways. You never really get the feeling of having a tactical or strategic impact on the battles going on around you, compared to the Halo series where the big set piece fights can turn out completely differently each time you play them. Is this really the biggest selling franchise? I suppose the major attraction is the online play, which I can't really compete with.

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