Monday, October 25, 2010

Fish 'n' Chip Paper

Today has been a good day.

The first official day of my week off, so I started as I meant to go on with a lie in and the chance to finish off 'Screaming Yellow' that I was reading on my Kindle as it was meant to be enjoyed - namely with a nice cup of tea. Smashing.

After a walk in the woods (crisp, clear and crunchy with a touch of frost on the grass) and a coffee, I settled down to a spot of course work. I can now tell why you can't use '==' to compare two strings in Java, whereas you can use it to compare two character literals. True.

Next on the agenda was a trip into town for a mooch around the shops and thence unto the renowned drinking establishment the Devonshire Cat where I was eager to partake of their finest Jaipur pale ale and a plate of their magnificent beer battered fish and chips. Even the student wittering on to her like, boyfriend, like, sitting on the, like, next table, like, y'know, like, all the, like, time, like, couldn't distract from the sumptuousness of the comestibles on offer, like. Nom.

Home for a nap, another walk and then I spotted that Sarah Jane Adventures is on CBBC two days before it gets broadcast on BBC1, so I recorded that and then watched it with a gingerbread latte. Top tip - if somebody recommends that you pre-froth the milk before heating it up in the microwave, then pay them no heed - it's a recipe for a dairy based volcanic eruption scenario. Frothy.


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Sounds like a great day off. I need one of those. And a gingerbread latte.