Friday, August 13, 2010

Stop the Cavalry

Weather : more Autumn than August.

Today started with a slightly disconcerting event. I'd put the noms for the cats into their respective bowls and they all started tucking in as usual. I turned to the sink to run some hot water for washing up when there was a veritable feline stampede down the hallway and up the stairs, causing the glass cabinet en route to rattle with the impact. I went to see what they were up to, and all three of them were at the top of the stairs. It didn't take long for noshing to recommence and I never actually found out what they had been chasing.

In other noshing news, I contrived to drop half a bag of grated cheese onto the kitchen floor at lunchtime as I was making my ham, cheese and jalapeno wrap. Fortunately Barney the dog was on hand to hoover it up, although I did have to give the floor a wipe afterwards as well.

The support problem turned out to be an unusual case of somebody on a modest pension switching from a tax code with an allowance to a cumulative basic rate code in the same month as an overpayment was clawed back, leaving them with a negative net pay. The client is not entirely sure what they want the system to do in cases like this, so we are going to talk about it again on Monday.

Anyhoo, I notice from the clock that the big hand is on the seven and the little hand is pointing to the bottle of Pinot Grigio Rose in the fridge, so therefore it must be time for Friday night!

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