Monday, August 16, 2010

Over the seas

After the pleasant sunshine of the weekend, it was a return to overcast skies and a gloomy air this morning. Just perfect for a Monday morning in the office - happy happy joy joy. To make things even more tickety-boo, the milk for my morning coffee was on the turn after being in the temperamental fridge in our second floor kitchen over the weekend. Ack. To be fair, the sun did show its face by mid-day but I didn't get to see much of it for being stuck in the aforementioned office.

We realised that at least some of the problems from last week were down to the wrong environment being installed by the customer that I was then trying to patch on top of. I need to put a check into the install script to make sure that the code base is what we have asked for, rather than assuming that they will set things up as we have requested. At least it made for a productive end to the day when I got the app to fire up successfully.

In games news, I fired up DJ Hero for a spin (ho, ho, I am satirical) last night and jolly good it was too. I unlocked the Daft Punk set list and ran through eight tracks plus the bonus beat of a Daft Punk mega mix. To finish with I put the system into automatic party play mode so that I could jump around the lounge like a loon to a mix of Tears for Fears vs Erik Prydz. Aces.

In Echo Bazaar news, I am considering giving up on the Knife and Candle part of the game. I looked at some of the twitter accounts of the characters at the top of the leaderboard and there seems to a group of about five or six people running multiple accounts and collaborating on assassinations. I don't know if it is technically breaking any sort of rule of the game, but it's against the spirit of the thing, I think.

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