Saturday, August 14, 2010

Deep Honey

From an initially unpromising start of black skies, driving rain and a temperature of 13 degrees that necessitated putting the central heating on first thing, the day brightened up considerably by the late afternoon. Not bad, all things considered.

Today has pretty much been a games day, with the usual round of Words with Friends and Carcassonne followed by an impulse purchase of a skiing game called Solipskier which is sort of cross between Canabalt and Line Rider, and a perfect fit for the iPhone screen. It started life as a flash game, and I'll link to it tomorrow for thems as is interested. Good fun in small doses.

After a lunch of left over pizza and pancakes cooked by Jamie who had got it into his head that he wanted to cook pancakes, we played another set of Abbey Road songs on Beatles Rock Band with yet more wonderfully psychedelic visuals to enjoy. Aces.

Next on the menu of sofa based entertainment was a rewatch of the first episode of Firefly which still holds up as a well written bit of telly. It's not Buffy, but then again not much is. I'm looking forward to watching the rest of them and then Serenity again.

By this time the sun had his proverbial hat on, so it was out with the dog and then off to Meadowhall for a mooch, a melon smoothie and a music based purchase of the original Rock Band for ten of your Earth pounds for the disk on its own. This may well be getting an airing tonight.

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