Friday, July 16, 2010

Ca Plane Pour Moi

Weather, a bit of a mixed bag today. A reasonable start, followed by a couple of hours of downpour in the middle of the day (necessitating a quick dash outside to bring the washing in) and then some unexpectedly bright and warm sunshine to finish with.

First job of the day was my annual trip to the dentist, and I can exclusively report that my gnashers are in fine fettle. My old dentist has left, so I've been switched to a different one within the same practice but for reasons of NHS bureaucracy I had to fill in a whole bunch of forms confirming such earth shattering information that I am unlikely to be pregnant.

Strangely satisfying bit of music trivia of the day was the discovery that Eminem's track 'My Name Is' is based on a riff sampled from an old Labi Siffre track on which the session musicians were none other than Chas and Dave. Gertcha!

I now declare this Friday night to be in session ...

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