Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bomb Da Bass

Weather : Sunshine and showers - it's a British classic, and it absolved me from cutting the grass this morning so hurrah for that. It will still need doing at some point, but let's just draw a discrete veil over that.

I think that I may be allergic to work. To be more precise, every day this week has started out with me feeling fine and by mid afternoon I have been sneezing and wheezing like an accordion. That is, every day except Friday when I was working at home, so J'accuse the air conditioning unit that is positioned just over my desk. I suspect it might be something in the environment that is getting picked up by the air flow and then blown down at me in concentrated form. Not good.

I was tired last night, and fell asleep half way through the IT crowd after only two glasses of wine. I've had a snooze this afternoon, in between games of Carcassonne and Words With Friends and caught up on sleep. I had a bit of a disturbed night last night too, with an odd dream of being on a giant bungee sort of affair, except I was on a sort of platform with six or seven other people. I remember a distinct vertiginous feeling as we were winched up into the air prior to being dropped and bounced around. Also not good.

In games news, I revisited The Raging Dead on iPhone and after grinding the first couple of levels and earning sufficient money to upgrade the rather weedy machine gun that you start with have found it to be much more enjoyable. It reminds me a little of the arcade classic Missile Command where you have to make a decision to abandon a group of civilians to their fate (or drop bombs on them) in order to kill a stray zombie. It also seems that games either end with the zombies quickly being eliminated with little collateral damage or more probably the infection spreads uncontrollably and you are left with a handful of survivors cowering in a corner of the map while the city burns and you frantically try to pick off zombies as they approach.

The Raging Dead - zombies, machine guns and bombs - what's not to like?

For thems as is interested I have posted over on South Yorkshire Skeptical Society on the subject of Big Brother Dave : Mad, Sad or Bad

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