Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jumping Someone Else's Train

After a reasonably bright start this morning, the drizzle set in and turned into heavy rain just as I was taking the dog out for his afternoon walkie. Still, at least I can exclusively report that the guttering seems to working properly now, so my efforts yesterday were not in vain.

Another excellent episode of Doctor Who last night, I thought. A good mix of the Doctor trying to live an ordinary life without being conspicuous and the sinister goings on upstairs, with the twist at the end being that Craig proves to be the best of humanity by being happy to be an ordinary, stay at home, pizza-booze-telly sort of bloke.

After watching that, we sat out in the garden with a barbecue listening out for the cheers coming from the various England fans up the street. After one early cheer, it all went quiet which sort of says it all really, so we just cranked up the honky tonk genius mix on my iPhone which was very acceptable listening as the sun went down.

Today has mainly been a Red Dead sort of day, and I have been happily raiding supply convoys, stealing troop trains and generally fomenting trouble south of the border. ¡Viva la revolución! ¡Viva México!

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