Saturday, June 26, 2010

Down in the Park

Another warm day, a bit overcast at times but with a nice breeze too. Lovely weather for an afternoon out in the park, so it's a good job that's what we'd planned to do.

We drove into Sheffield listening to AIOTM (aiotm!) and managed to find a parking space not far from Endcliffe park which is where Sheffield Pride was being held this year. We wandered round the stalls for a bit (including a stall selling some rather unusual leather items) and then settled down to listen to a gay choir called Out Aloud who were rather good and then to Kelly Pepper a very enthusiastic disco diva, who struggled a bit to get the crowd going. I also bought a rather fetching rainbow wrist band as a souvenir.

The heat got the better of us so we wandered off in search of some shade, and just generally enjoying the relaxed and happy atmosphere. This is the sort of event that would give both the Catholics and Muslims a conniption fit, which just goes to show how little humanity they have in their pitifully shallow belief systems. I know where I feel at home, thank you very much.

On the way back to the car we spotted that the Traditional Heritage Museum was open, so we popped in for a quick nosy. It really does deserve the description of "Sheffield's Secret Museum" and it is a veritable treasure trove of items from the last hundred or so years of Sheffield history arranged in little shop fronts and recreations of parlors and kitchens.

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A real treat was in the upstairs section where one of the volunteer curators got Jan to try out a harmonium and then because we'd shown an interest in it, he demonstrated a genuine working gramophone from the 1930s. It was surprisingly loud, with a rich and resonant sound from the wooden cabinet and the crackling as the needle landed on the 78 was particularly evocative. Marvelous!

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