Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dusty Skies

Another hot day, even more so than yesterday, but with a touch more breeze which was very pleasant. I also hauled the big fan out of its winter hibernation in the garage and its currently doing a sterling job of cooling us down in the lounge.

I proof read and submished my M150 assignment, so there's just one more CMA to do and that's it for both of my courses, work wise. I've still not settled on what courses to do next but I might go for a combination of Object Oriented Java (M255) and Communication and information technologies (T215) which would net me 90 points. Based on the things that I've enjoyed from M150 and T175 this year, I think I'm also going to switch to BSc (Honours) Information Technology and Computing track rather than Computing and Business. We shall see.

In games news, I've played a bit more Red Dead Redemption this afternoon and was delighted to discover a poker game running in the back room of the saloon in Armadillo. Aces. High.

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