Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dark Side of Night

A rainy bank holiday weekend, so what else is there to do except for walking the dog and playing some games, eh?

Red Dead Redemption first, and I spent a happy couple of hours riding around, hunting deer for their pelts, deciphering treasure maps, accidentally shooting a couple of marshals and getting a bounty on my head, nearly getting robbed by a gang of banditos and their female accomplice and then getting my dastardly revenge by hog-tying her and leaving her on a train track. However, I did feel guilty about it afterward, which is a sure sign that a game really has got under your emotional skin.

It was gloomy outside this afternoon, which made for suitable conditions to play a bit more of Alan Wake. I was stuck in the old Mill section of episode 2, so I restarted and found a whole area that I had missed by falling off a log. This game really does use foreshadowing to superb effect, making the jumps even scarier when they arrive. I'm a survival horror veteran and so I know full well that going into any restroom (to use the American vernacular) is usually a seriously bad idea. I had to retrieve some keys from such a location on a camp ground and even that I knew full well what was coming I jumped out of my skin when a shadow armed with an axe lurched out of a cubicle. Scary beans.

In other news, the Last FM client on Xbox Live has been updated so I've just been listening to Monkey Swallows the Universe, Ladytron, The Stranglers and New Order. Aces.

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