Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blue Shadows on the Trail

Another muggy and overcast day, with a few spots of rain when I went out for my lunchtime walk up by the river and the Armouries. I was parched when I got back to the office, so I got myself a diet Coke from the machine - something I don't often do.

I was really struggling to stay awake last night and ended up going to bed at a quarter past ten. I think I might still need to use my lumie light if the day has been gloomy. I'll give it a whirl tonight.

It still feels strange not having any OU work to do at lunchtimes or in the evenings when I get in. I should start reading a book a week again - something that I've let slide whilst I've been studying. Even the rate I get through audiobooks has dropped off recently with the deluge of podcasts on my phone at the moment (most of them featuring Richard Herring).

In games news, I finally saved up the 80,000 whispered secrets to get me a room in the Echo Bazaar itself. Apparently this nets me a substantial defence bonus which should give me an edge in the game of Knife and Candle which has become my main interest since finishing the main story quest.

I played a bit more Alan Wake the other night and I have to say that stepping in a bear trap and trying to free myself while being attacked by shadow creatures is one of the most unnerving gaming experiences that I've had in a long while.

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