Saturday, December 19, 2009

White Blur

Yet another cold day and a busy one too.

I was awake far too early for a Saturday morning and ended up starting on household chores before it had even got properly light. These included cleaning the spare room in anticipation of my Mum and Dad arriving next week, putting some washing on and then sorting out a car full of cardboard and other stuff to take to the dump.

After the dump, it was time for a quick shower and then on to some T175 work. I've had to chivvy my tutor as he was late starting an on-line activity that we need to do for the TMA, and I hope that other people are paying attention to the forum. The first part is a discussion of the question 'What has been the effect of the internet on our ability to absorb and evaluate information?' which should be interesting, and then we will be talking about the extent to which virtual worlds have replaced aspects of the real one.

I'm wondering about giving Second Life another whirl - I tried it a couple of years ago, but it didn't run particularly well on the laptop that I had at the time. Hopefully my MacBook Pro will cope better with it, and I'm interested to have a nosy around the Open University campus online.

Oh yes, and I also submished my computer marked assessment ahead of the Christmas Eve deadline, so yay me.

A bite of lunch, and then off to retrieve number one daughter from University for the hols. Amazingly enough she *didn't* come back with a bag full of washing to do, although the shared kitchen that she uses in her flat was a major health hazard. Some of the boys had gone home for the holidays leaving worktops with pans full of half eaten stew, a sink full of dirty plates and overflowing bins with a pile of pizza boxes and takeaway cartons. Yuk.

It will be slightly strange having her at home for two weeks, although I did notice she was referring to her digs as 'home' when discussing work that she's got to do next year ... :-)

I'm very glad to be in the snug and warm tonight - the mercury has just taken a nose dive and there are some snow flakes descending from on high.