Saturday, December 05, 2009

Sure got cold after the rain fell

The day started well.

I got back the first marked assessment from my M150 Computing course with a score of 91% and some very positive feedback. It is very satisfying for my enjoyment of both courses to be matched with good scores as well.

However there was a nasty surprise lurking in the shed ...

I opened the door to fetch something out and immediately noticed a musty, damp smell and quickly realised that rain water had been leaking through the roof where the felt had torn in the recent gales. The damage wasn't quite as bad as it first seemed - the old bits of carpet on the floor were soaked, as well as most of the cushions for the garden furniture. The large barbecue had also accumulated a pool of water in the tray and had started to rust.

We cleared it out and took it as a good excuse to take a load of old bits and pieces of rubbish to the dump, and I moved things like the mower and leaf blower into the garage. They didn't appear too damp, so hopefully they should be ok when they have dried out. Also, after a couple of hours with the door open to let it air through the floor had started to dry out so I could put some tools and things back into the dry areas.

Jan went to fetch a roll of roofing felt and some tacks, and it wasn't too difficult to get it fixed securely into place. At least we were able to fix it before things got too mouldy in there.

Not surprisingly, I am now knackered!

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Something in the woodshed ?