Friday, December 04, 2009

Blinded by the Lights

It used to be that extravagant displays of Christmas lights went up in the week or so before the actual day - now it seems as soon as the calendar clicks over to the last month of the year some sort of compulsion to burn the last few watts of electricity that we have before the oil runs out on a set of lights that would put downtown Tokyo to shame. On my way round the block with the dog tonight a substantial proportion of the houses were lit up like, well, Christmas trees. The last time I looked it was the 4th of December with three full weeks to go.

Bah and indeed humbug.

Talking of which, Mitch Benn's reading of 'A Christmas Carol' is available for download again, but I'll do a separate entry for that.

The snow has started to fall in Animal Crossing - just a few flurries so far, but it will be settling soon enough. I've lost a fracking fortune on the stalk market this week, having to sell for a measly 66 bells a turnip. Gee, thanks a bunch Nook. In more positive news, I've managed to catch some new seasonal fish for the museum including a squid and a pond smelt, and I've purchased a curly moustache and a football helmet from the Able Sisters shop. Have I ever mentioned how much I like this game?

Now, Friday night beckons!

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