Thursday, November 26, 2009

West of the Underworld

Strange dreams last night, ranging from the surreal where I was flying up the street by swimming through the air past a very young looking Stephen Fry, to the hyperreal where I looked down at my left leg to see it slicked with blood from a severed femoral artery. Yikes.

Not surprisingly I woke up with my leg throbbing and my heart racing.

Work has been - not quite stressful, but busy - with a lot to think about. We have a couple of customer demos coming up in the next couple of weeks which it would be nice to get, although it all feels a bit rushed at the moment. Still, we can but try.

The journey home was a bit of nightmare crawl. The A1 was closed so all of the traffic from there was diverted onto the M1 which as a result was jammed from junction 44 all the way down to junction 32 which is getting on for 40 miles, and a record according to Sally Traffic on Radio 2. Thank goodness for podcasts and audiobooks is all I can say.

In other news, good this time, my cow-orker who is moving back to New Zealand at Christmas time has given me a rather fine pair of Tazen style Spanish swords. I do miss swordplay, but I simply haven't got the stamina for it any more. Hopefully I'll have more energy at some point, perhaps next year when the light is back.

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