Saturday, November 28, 2009

Forgotten Worlds

Fun last night playing 1 vs 100, even if I didn't get to be in the mob. I still managed to pick up a couple of achievements and unlock a new dance for my avatar. Which was fun.

I felt rough come the morning and I think that I've caught the cold that Jan has had for the last couple of days. Not fun, especially when it was two degrees outside and raining.

Plenty of OU work done today with M150 unit 5 polished off this morning and then some more T175 stuff done this afternoon. I had my lumie light on and hadn't realised quite how gloomy it was until I looked up at around four o'clock to see that it was almost dark out. I felt a bit glum for a while until I got moving and took the dog out for a walk listening to the latest Collings and Herrin podcast to cheer me up.

Back in the warm now with the light on and I really don't want to move any further than the sofa tonight.

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