Sunday, November 29, 2009

Believe or Leave

Just watching the debate over at Intelligence Squared with the motion being that atheism is the new fundamentalism. Much like the Hitchens/Fry smackdown this is a bit of a one sided debate really - the Christians have been rude and snippy, with both Bishop Harries and Charles Moore making fatuous references to the Nazis. Some very good points from AC Grayling and Richard Dawkins - it will be worth watching the recorded version of the debate or reading the transcripts.

Other than that, today has been much as usual. I enjoyed the T175 work that I did today, analyzing an academic study of people's ability to use the internet to find information. The conclusion, not unexpectedly, was that young people are more comfortable with the technology than the older generation but also that training and support was important to improve skills and overcome the digital divide. Providing people with access to computers and the internet is the first step, but it is not enough on its own.

After work, play time included some Animal Crossing time, catching a guppy and an orchid mantis for the museum and then finally completing Gay Tony. It's a fitting conclusion to the GTA IV story, with the relationship between Tony Prince and the protaganist Luis Lopez being complex, nuanced and very believable. Make sure that you watch the end credits to see what happened to those diamonds that were the cause of so much trouble.


Nancy said...

I remember my first technology learning experience when I had to hand in my college English papers on a floppy disk. I worked in the student computer lab on the bottom floor of the library, and I was at the help desk approximately every three to five minutes. By the end of the term I could work on my own, but the constant support made it happen. Now where I work, teachers are presented with new technology, given a day of training, then left alone with nothing but virtual helpdesk, which responds to tickets after a week or so. A lot of money is wasted on stuff teachers don't use. Your class sounds like fun! Does it have a title besides T175?

neil h said...

Hi Nancy,

The course is actually called "T175 Networked living: exploring information and communication technologies" which is a bit of a mouthful!