Thursday, September 24, 2009

Daily Post - Thursday

The office where I work is an old converted warehouse building next to the gas works. I got to my desk this morning and was aware of an omnipresent low frequency rumbling noise and realised that it must be coming from the gas works. Looking out of the window confirmed that it was the gasometer being filled up with gas and slowly rising up like a rusty behemoth. It was only when the sound ceased that I realised quite how loud it had been.

Ah - judging by the sudden quiet they've finished on Twitpic

It's been another bright and sunny day, which when coupled with a extra hour or two of light from my light box is doing wonders for my mood and sense of well being. I know that the dark days of winter are still going to be a struggle but at least I feel as if I have a fighting chance now.

For the podcast of the day today I am going to break with myself imposed tradition and recommend something that I haven't actually listened to. I have just started listening to the audiobook of Transition by Iain Banks, but I see that there is the free abridged version now available read by Banksie himself in 15 minute installments. I really enjoyed listening to Scott Sigler's books 'Infected' and 'Contagious' in this sort of episodic format, so it surely must be worth a go, and hopefully it will inspire people to buy the full book.

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