Friday, September 25, 2009

Daily Post - Friday

A very pleasant day working at home, with a particularly nigglesome problem cracked on the head and sent off for testing next week. Sleepwise, I'll let the sleep graph speak for itself - barring the night that I was ill, not a bad week, all in all I reckon.

The books for the second course that I am doing arrived today, so I've organised my shelves to get everything in order. I also installed the stuff for the M150 course which seemed to be insisting on Windows but actually just turned out to be html documents that I can easily work on on my macbook or on the Ubuntu server upstairs as I need to. I am really quite excited about starting now - I've had a look at some of the exercises and topics and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to it.

In games news, I downloaded the Forza 3 demo and was suitably impressed. The in car view feels completely natural for driving, unlike some sims that I have played. I had a quick go with the Mini and won a race on standard and then switched to the Porsche RS3 on hard and promptly smashed into a barrier and rolled it over. Aces. One particularly nifty feature is a rewind button that turns back time a couple of seconds to give you a chance to retry a section that you have made a mistake on. This will mean that crashing on the last corner of a tricky race is no longer a cause for chucking the controller at the telly. Even more aces.

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