Sunday, January 27, 2013

Catch Up

Friday, and the end of a freezing cold week that saw temperatures stubbornly in the minuses, and it started to snow heavily again. Fortunately, in the words of the song, we had no place to go so we stayed in the warm before venturing out in the morning. Barney always enjoys bounding through fresh snow, so he had a good walkies before I came back and set to work clearing the paths.

Saturday daytime saw me staying in and making a start on my next OU module - M359 Database Theory and Practice, which should be reasonably straightforward for me, even if it is a level 3 course. The relational theory stuff fits in nicely with some of the maths I've been doing recently as well, so I'm looking forward to this one.

Sunday morning saw most of the snow melted by heavy overnight rain, apart from a few patches here and there. The field was waterlogged and the stream was in full spate. After a coffee, I girded my metaphorical loins and set off for my first Iaido grading. I've been at this class since last August and it's turning out to be exactly what I was looking for, just focusing on the technical elements of the katas rather than the more physical side of the kobudo that I did a couple of years ago. The grading was quite exacting, but I was pleased to pass comfortably in a rather chilly dojo.

Sunday afternoon was a treat of a chocolate chip cookie, a nap and then a spot of Mathcad for my MST121 course, and that's about up to date, I think.

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Rachel Green said...

Congratulations on the grading!